EDiCS e-communication platform

EDiCS has developed a digital SaaS platform called “e-communication platform”. Once connected, our clients manage and consult their dematerialized documents in just a few clicks with complete traceability.

This platform is based on common functionalities but specificities can be add up to clients needs.

Its design guarantees total confidentiality for internal or external actors.



You have the possibility to consult and follow at any time the status of your documents in your space, from creation to delivery.


The platform centralises all your incoming or outgoing information regardless of the channel used – postal mail, e-mail, sms, EDI or other more specific exchange formats.


Programming interface allowing business applications to access the data and documents managed via our platform.

Our platform’s assets

Security and Confidentiality

Our software platform complies with the main security standards and guarantees you a confidential space where your documents will be stored with complete peace of mind.

Simplified user experience

All your data is accessible through a simple and easy to use interface so you don’t waste time in your daily tasks to focus on the essentials.

Scalable solution

Our platform evolves with your experience! Listening to our customers, we take into account comments and suggestions and can regularly propose new features adapted to everyone’s needs.

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